This post has been written by the CEO of Abstract, Manfred M. Nerurkar.

After more than 4 years in development, I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of InstaMAT as part of a public “Early Access” rollout.

InstaMAT is a brand-new, industry-transforming software that enables scalable 3D content creation, combining a wide spectrum of different technologies into unified and scalable workflows. From material synthesis to layering and 3D painting. From AI and sophisticated 2D image processing algorithms to procedural modeling 3D assets. From designing stunning procedural 3D materials to texturing 3D meshes. InstaMAT is the first solution that enables studios and professionals to build content that scales with their production and unleashes massive time and cost savings.

At launch, InstaMAT is available with a wide array of different products, for all major platforms.

  • InstaMAT Studio, experience the best way to create procedural materials and assets, scalable texturing, and to create data-driven asset pipelines. With a plethora of features and a massive library of nodes and materials — InstaMAT Studio will be all you’ll ever need.
  • InstaMAT Pipeline, easily perform a wide range of tasks from rendering materials, to executing Element graphs or performing unit tests on your material library. All without having to use a graphical user interface. InstaMAT Pipeline makes it trivial to supercharge your asset pipeline.
  • InstaMAT for Autodesk Maya, browse, render and tweak your materials and Elements right inside your shading network. A carefully designed user experience ensures a high degree of productivity even when using InstaMAT for Autodesk Maya for the first time.
  • InstaMAT for Autodesk 3ds Max, Import and adjust your materials and Elements from within the DCC tool. From the integrated material browser to the execution, InstaMAT for Autodesk 3ds Max has been smoothly integrated into the app with a native feel.
  • InstaMAT for Blender, introducing powerful material and asset processing to the popular open-source 3D modeling package. Easily browse and render your materials and Elements and adjust dynamic properties — all within Blender.
  • InstaMAT for Unity, a perfect integration of powerful material and asset processing into the engine’s sleek editor UI. Import and tweak your materials, or dynamically generate procedural geometry on the fly with InstaMAT for Unity.
  • InstaMAT for Unreal Engine, empowering game developers to build beautiful content faster and with less friction. From the built-in material library to high-speed rendering of materials and asset pipelines — your workflow is going to be amped up.
  • InstaMAT C++ SDK, the 64-bit C++ SDK enables developers with custom tools and technology to integrate our technology seamlessly into their software. Leveraging the InstaMAT SDK for in-house application development is easy and painless.

All products are available for PC Windows and Apple MacOS with a Linux version set to be available in 2023.

At its first release InstaMAT ships with a library of more than 1000 content processing nodes, including a large selection of more than 500 AAA-quality 3D materials that have been handcrafted by in-house material artists. The InstaMAT online library will be launching soon, where users will be able to download and share their InstaMAT creations.

Welcome to InstaMAT!

Manfred M. Nerurkar

InstaMAT is developed by Abstract – the creators of InstaLOD, the industry-leading 3D optimization solution.