A strategy for digital assets that works.

Build asset pipelines that work in any business case, at scale, and fully automatically. Whether it's a complex composition of 2D images, the creation of procedural materials or applying surface textures to your 3D assets automatically: with InstaMAT you'll be able to get there.

You won't need a team of sophisticated programmers to create content and pipelines. InstaMAT's intuitive user-interface makes building dynamic processes straight-forward in a highly visual what-you-see-is-what-you-get manner.



A process that scales in all dimensions.

Anything you design or create is data-driven. If you need to change the buttons on the leather of your couch, or the marketing copy on your 2D composition there's no need to redo your work. Simply change the data that you pass into your pipeline and InstaMAT will take care of the heavy lifting.

An ever-growing spectrum of media channels, platforms and devices require an automated and standardized process to avoid continuously lowering your ROI. Leverage InstaMAT to break the bottleneck in your asset process.


The gift that keeps on returning its investment.


From asset creation to adapation and transformations. From 2D images to 3D meshes and materials, InstaMAT will be able to keep up with the scale of your business.


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