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InstaMAT Studio is a holistic content-creation platform that unifies workflows for 3D assets. From designing fully procedural materials and geometry to scalable asset texturing, data-driven pipelines and 3D painting. Everything works together in unison like never before.

Procedural Materials and Assets


Introducing the Element Graph

The Element Graph lets you create dazzling procedural assets, from materials to geometry and point clouds — or a combination of any of the above, unlocking workflows and automatic asset pipelines that have not been possible before. Imagine a beautiful material or scene where the appearance can be adjusted long after the asset has been finished. All it takes, is moving sliders or picking colors. Imagine an Element Graph that optimizes a mesh, bakes mesh maps and textures it. The mesh is a dynamic parameter, so changing it is as easy as pushing a button. The entire workflow done, all at once.

Dynamic Parameters

Bring your procedural asset to life with dynamic parameters to control the values that are coming in to your graph, or by exposing any value as output parameter.

Node and Material Library

A large library of nodes to process all kinds of content is right at your fingertips: from specialized blurs to scattering geometry on pointclouds and procedural modeling. It's all there, waiting to be used in your Element Graph. But there's much more: InstaMAT's massive material library will supply you with hundreds of high-quality stock materials to texture your assets, kitbash into new materials or as an invaluable source to learn new workflows.

Quick Search

Find everything you're looking for in an instant. Quick Search uses fuzzy logic and context sensitivity to always find what you're looking for, or recommend the next action to take.

Canvas Mini Map

A small map that delivers big benefits to your workflow: an overview of your entire canvas. Simply drag your view on the map to navigate, or draw a box to set your view.

Packed with features

Working with InstaMAT is a carefully designed user-experience with features that will keep surprising you.

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Both the nPass Element Graph and Atom Graph make it possible to build nodes that are looping or branching. This enables you to build mesh scatter nodes, simulations, perform raytracing or do anything else that wouldn't be possible otherwise — and as a matter of fact: the Mesh Render node, that performs a full PBR render with both analytical and image-based lights, has been developed with the Atom Graph.

We're just scratching the surface here. There are endless features for you to discover.

What are you waiting for? Start building marvelous materials and powerful pipelines, that end the grunt work and bring the fun back!

Asset texturing.
From now on creative and scalable.


Introducing Layering and Painting

InstaMAT's layering lets you create stunning textures for your assets with a delightfully intuitive and creative workflow. A fine-tuned experience to bring your assets to life. Layering is procedural and non-destructive, which means that if you change your asset it will not break your texturing. Imagine being able to texture not just one specific asset, but an entire class of assets. A single texturing project that can be applied to thousands of assets ⏤ it's finally possible.

Smart Prefab Layer Materials

Save individual layers or fully packed layer groups to your library as Prefab Layer Material. To use them, simply drag them from the library into your new layering project. Prefab Layer Materials automatically unfold in your layer stack, and spawn everything that is part of it: from painted layers and procedurals, to effects and masks. By creating the Prefab Layer Material as an instance, all changes to it will be immediately replicated in your layering project.

Effects, filters, generators and masks

Curves, levels and HSL are just a fraction of the filters available that can dynamically adjust layer data. Generators blend procedural content into your layer: from noises to patterns and grunge maps. And with the ability to apply all that to paint layers, you can create truly magical paint works — it's a powerful set of tools. Masks are a focal point for InstaMAT, ranging from mask builders to mesh masks that can be picked in the viewport, or setup using a rule-system. The rule-system allows you to setup a layering project that can be scaled over all assets that follow similar conventions.

Element Graph compatibility

Whether as layer channel input, as a brush mask or as a projected Element brush — using procedural nodes and materials in layering projects unlocks powerful workflows. And with the ability to simply drop your layering project in an Element Graph, the possibilities for automation are truly limitless.


With customizable brush presets and templates you will always have the brush that you need in the moment.

Brush dynamics

If you fancy drawing with a pen tablet, you'll love the customizability that InstaMAT offers. From pressure sensitivity with customizable pressure curves to using the angle of your brush to control the rotation of your brush and randomizable brush properties — you won't find yourself lacking.

UDIMs and multiple materials

Deep support for UDIM tiles in layering projects and InstaMAT's procedural paint engine let you texture even the most demanding VFX assets. UDIM tiles can be viewed individually and properties such as rendering resolutions can be setup on a per tile basis. And if you're not using UDIM but multiple materials per asset in your workflow, you will be able to setup an individual layer stack for each material — within a single layering project. Anyway you work, you'll find yourself right at home.

Gizmos and familiar UX

Adjust projections, control decals or 3D volume masks and more with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience. InstaMAT's viewport gizmos make everything easier. And features like the ability to solo a layer or being able to focus the selected gizmo in the viewport, will make you hit the ground running.

Materialize images and photos into procedural materials.


Introducing Materialize Image

InstaMAT's Materialize Image lets you create procedural PBR materials from static images and photos. By feeding InstaMAT just a single input, it is able to generate all maps needed for PBR rendering, from the normal map to the height map and the ambient occlusion map — it's all there. Advanced features such as image synthesis, shadow cancellation or effect generators make it possible to create a material that's fully procedural with limitless variations.


AI based super resolution

More than just scaling up the pixels: InstaMAT's neural super resolution capabilities increase both the resolution and the fidelity of the input content.


Image synthesis

Turn static materials into fully procedural materials with limitless variation using advanced image synthesis.


Procedural Effects

With configurable effects such as dynamic grunge maps or configurable dirt, dust or water layers — it's easy to enhance the procedural quality of the material.

Serious scalability for materials and assets.


Introducing InstaMAT Pipeline

InstaMAT Pipeline lets you inspect, execute and render all of your materials and procedural assets from the commandline. Quick turnaround times when changes are needed or deep integration into asset pipelines — anything is possible. Discover what it means to remove all bottlenecks when it comes to scalable asset texturing.

Awesome availability wherever you do your magic.


Introducing Integrations and Plugins

InstaMAT revolutionizes your material and asset production with workflows you did not consider to be possible. No matter where or how you work, InstaMAT will fit like a glove and catalyze your ability to deliver.


The 64-bit C++ SDK enables developers with custom tools and technology to integrate our technology seamlessly into their software. Leveraging the InstaMAT SDK for your in-house application development is easy and painless.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaMAT Pipeline

Easily perform a wide range of tasks from rendering materials, to executing Element Graphs or performing unit-tests on your material library. All without having to use a graphical user interface. InstaMAT Pipeline makes it trivial to super-charge your asset pipeline.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaMAT for Autodesk Maya

Browse, render and tweak your materials and Elements right inside your shading network. A carefully designed user-experience ensures a high degree of productivity even when using InstaMAT for Autodesk Maya for the first time.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaMAT for Autodesk 3ds Max

Import and adjust your materials and Elements from within the DCC tool. From the integrated material browser to the execution, InstaMAT for Autodesk 3ds Max has been smoothly integrated into the app with a native feel.

Available on PC Windows.

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InstaMAT for Unity

A perfect integration of powerful material and asset processing into the engine's sleek editor UI. Import and tweak your materials, or dynamically generate procedural geometry on the fly with InstaMAT for Unity.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaMAT for Unreal Engine

Empowering game developers to build beautiful content faster and with less friction. From the built-in material library to high-speed rendering of materials and asset pipelines — your workflow is going to be amped up.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaMAT Studio

Experience the best way to create procedural materials and assets, unlock scalable texturing and create data-driven asset pipelines. With a plethora of features and a massive library of nodes and materials — InstaMAT Studio will be all you'll ever need.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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InstaMAT for Blender

Introducing powerful material and asset processing to the popular open-source 3D modelling package. Easily browse and render your materials and Elements and adjust dynamic properties — all within Blender.

Available on PC Windows and MacOS.

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